City Slang: Weekly music review roundup

Feb 11, 2014 at 9:21 am

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Gia Warner’s Love is, fittingly enough, going to be released on Valentine’s Day. It’s a confusing little album though. Warner looks a little like Celine Dion and, coupled with the title of the record, our heckles were up from the start. As he lady says though, “these are songs about love, NOT love songs.” She’s right; Warner is, in fact, an excellent singer/songwriter with a strong, heart-ripping voice and a gift for writing a radio-friendly angsty pop tune. It gets a little cheesy at times – think early Shania Twain. But when she nails it, she sounds more like Sheryl Crow. Not bad.

The Plan B single from Jeremy Porter & the Tucos is more of the same from this power-pop/Americana outfit. The riffs are quirky, bright and throwaway, the hooks are delicious (if a little sweet), and Porter’s voice sounds as good if not better than ever.

RacecarracecaR’s self-titled debut album is without doubt the record of the week. First of all, thanks to local comedian Jimmy Doom for thrusting them in front of our faces. Second – is that final capitalized “R” really necessary. Whatever – these guys are awesome. There’s a disco rock element, a bit of rap too. But while it’s hella fun, it doesn’t have that Electric 6 unhinged feel. This is sexy music for sexy people. “The world’s a playground,” David Vandenbroucke sings on “Playground,” and he’s right. This place is just a big carnival for this band to fuck around in. When the musicians are this sound, when the hooks are firing from all sides like a Hellraiser sequel, what’s not to like?

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