City Slang: Weekly music review roundup

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Voyag3r’s Victory in the Battle Chamber (Bellyache) is a sweet piece of vinyl. Have you ever listened to Tangerine Dream’s soundtrack to the movie version of Stephen King’s Firestarter, starring Drew Barrymore? Probably not, but if you had and then you played this single, you’d know why I’m bringing it up. Atmospheric prog rock with a strong ‘80s vibe, a real movie score feel and some great synth work – this is instrumental music played by people looking to tell a story.

Art in America is a symphonic rock band with roots in the ‘70s but a huge black space in their career. The band (which includes a harpist) is back with a new album, the Hentchel Sessions. There’s a much bigger story to be told here, and that’s something I intend to address in the coming months. For now, be aware that this record grazes elements of Peter Gabriel, Yes, Fleetwood Mac, and even Boston. If you’re cool with big, epic, proggy stadium rock-sounding stuff. You love this. The band also sent us their self-titled debut, and that’s similarly huuge.

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