City Slang: Weekly music review roundup

Jun 17, 2013 at 11:03 pm

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We had previously received a sampler CD from Funky D Records signees The Royal Blackbirds, and the full album Shot Down landed on our laps this week. Thanks to the presence of singer Rebecca Saad, there’s a cool, kinda Amy Gore-esque feel to the bluesy garage rock, perfectly highlighted by covers like “I Can Only Give You Everything” and the title track. The originals are cool too, and Tino Gross has dragged out the dust and grit from these youngsters. Great piece of work, all told.

This week’s City Slang stars the Horse Cave Trio sent in the 2010 single “I Am the Sheik” (Funky D), and it’s worth another mention because it’s so damned gnarly, nasty and heavy. These guys are known for their rockabilly swagger, but they can let out an unholy roar when they want to.

Detroit Frank DuMont loves his hometown so much, he put it in his name. His band is called the Drivin’ Wheels, and the logo was designed by Gary Grimshaw. Mind you, his new Let Me Be Frank cd was recorded in just about every city BUT Detroit. Never mind, there’s some very cool, authentic blues on here, including the high tempo “Tore Down”. Well played and well produced.

Mack Avenue Records sent us a new album from Yellowjackets and, apparently, Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo, loaned Yellowjackets bass man Felix Pastorius his bass for this album because it previously belonged to his father Jaco Pastorius, the legendary jazz bassist. Not that there’s a thrash sound here – the legacy is more Jaco than Trujillo. Still, these guys create a very cool, original and genuinely exciting jazz sound. The opening “When the Lady Dances” really does conjure up images of frolicking females. Nothing wrong with that.

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