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The B-Sides have Dick Chiclet’s name associated with them (as producer) – the garage/surf rock king of Grand Rapids – so it’s more than likely that this self-titled album (Spinout Records) won’t suck. It doesn’t. There’s a very cool, soulful Nuggets feel to songs like “Restless Heart”, and the musical partnership of Tommy and Christopher Schichtel shines. At points, the band (which features members of the FuzzRites and the Concussions) sound like the Replacements, while elsewhere they recall Weezer. Dig further and there’s some later-era Redd Kross. All of it is great.

Waker Glass came into being when a PA system was purchased at a police auction in Detroit, according to the press release. That’s great, but it doesn’t explain the beautiful way that this 7” single of “Neighborhood Party”/”Widow’s Walk” (Mersea Recordings) – on gorgeous yellowy-orange vinyl no less – features the drunken wedding vibe of Tom Waits at his raucous best, with a bit of Pogues and some Leonard Cohen thrown in. Maybe a touch of Nick Cave too. Must see these guys live.

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