City Slang: Weekly music review roundup

Remember – if you send it, it will get reviewed. That’s the City Slang promise. It doesn’t matter what genre the music is – as long as it has a Metro Detroit connection, it’ll get in. Preferably, we’d like to concentrate on new releases but, while we’re getting warmed up here, feel free to send back catalog material too. Send CDs, vinyl, cassettes, demos and 8-tracks to Brett Callwood, City Slang, Metro Times, 733, St. Antoine, Detroit, MI 46226. Email MP3s and streaming links to [email protected].

Lucy’s Brown Seville’s five track EP is either self-titled, or it’s called Tonight We Ride. It’s not entirely clear. Either way, songs like “With U” and “Mama Said” are slamming examples of disco rock. Gritty garage with a strong Soul Train influence. Very cool.

It is with no small amount of trepidation that I put the new Citizen Zero CD, Life Explodes, into the player. After all, my absolute hatred for the band’s first disc ruffled a few feathers and earned me a few emails. To this day, I stand behind that assessment. However, rarely have I been more surprised when pressing play. While by no means perfect, the Godawful radio metal sound of old has been replaced with something dirtier, nastier, sleazier and just plain better. It’s as if Godsmack has been taken off their stereo in favor of the Stone Temple Pilots, and even a little Crue. “Timebomb U.S. Made” and “DOA Sunday” are standouts on what is a very good mini-album. Mildly generic, but still very good. Man, I did not expect that. If this rate of improvement continues, the next record will be approaching genius.

Core Effect’s Rubicon is very enjoyable too, in a kind of ‘power/prog metal with a contemporary twist’ sort of way. Think Queensryche meets Avenged Sevenfold. The riffs are classic and, while the six tracks are very clean, there’s enough quality on show to suggest far more in the future.

Dion Fischer, currently of the Infinity People, sent us a sort of musical resume which, while not really for review, warrants a mention. From the forthcoming F’ke Blood album (can’t wait to hear the finished version of this one) to the lost Go album Free Electricity, the package served as a timely reminder of what a talented cat Dion is.

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