City Slang: Weekly music review roundup

Remember – if you send it, it will get reviewed. That’s the City Slang promise. It doesn’t matter what genre the music is – as long as it has a Metro Detroit connection, it’ll get in. Preferably, we’d like to concentrate on new releases but, while we’re getting warmed up here, feel free to send back catalog material too. Send CDs, vinyl, cassettes, demos and 8-tracks to Brett Callwood, City Slang, Metro Times, 733, St. Antoine, Detroit, MI 46226. Email MP3s and streaming links to [email protected].

Squints is a pop-punk band from Grand Rapids, signed to the Clawson-based Night Fighter label. Taking Toll is Squints’ full-length release and it is exactly what you would expect from a young band like this – it’s poppy and punky, and crawling with that snotty energy. Fun.

The Audition is a Chicago band with a Detroiter singer. Chapter 2 is so called because the band recently left the cozy bosom of Victory Records and have gone out on their own. We’ve had a soft spot for this band for a while, thanks to the strong melodies, infectious hooks, overt emotion (not emo) and, overall, killer tunes. This is no different.

The He-Bops” is an oddball little band, and the Activate! album is an odd little record. Much like the Electric 6, with a little Sparks thrown in, songs like “Sex Robots” and “My Little Skitzo” are quirky and fun without trying too hard and getting irritating. I wanna see them live.

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