City Slang: Warrior Soul raises a Stiff Middle Finger

Aug 23, 2012 at 7:46 am

Awesomely underrated rock ‘n’ roll band Warrior Soul, featuring Detroit’s Kory Clarke, is preparing to release new album Stiff Middle Finger.

Warrior Soul has long been a City Slang fave. In a feature on Clarke last year, we said that “In New York, Clarke formed Warrior Soul and signed to Geffen Records. The band went on to record five excellent albums, the last of which, Space Age Playboys, is a bona fide classic. They toured the world, earned a healthy underground following, but mainstream acceptance eluded them, at least in part because nobody knew how to label the band.”

It is truly exciting to hear that a new Warrior Soul album is on the way. The band needs help finding funds for mastering and promotion though. If you’d like to contribute, find out more here.

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