City Slang: Tyvek touring through May and June

Detroit band Tyvek is touring across the United States, kicking off in California and ending in Chicago on June 29.

“Tyvek is a brand of flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers from Detroit, Michigan. Formed in 2004 when Kevin Boyer, Larry Williams, and Matt Ziolkowski, three friends and music fans fed up with the redundant garage rock then clogging the proverbial pipeline, decided to form a punk band. Refusing to let a lack of musical ability or equipment hold them back, they started jamming and honing idiosyncratic songs about everyday stuff: girlfriends, the neighborhood, expressways, cats, partying, nightmares, frustration, etc. After a few months of practice in the attic, they unleashed Tyvek upon the city of Detroit and discerning listeners around the globe have perked their ears. In 2009, their friend Heath Moerland (aka Sick Llama, visual artist and mastermind of the ever-cryptic noise imprint Fag Tapes) joined up to bring maximum ripping/ shredding as second lead/ rhythm guitarist.

“Following a series of critically lauded 7 inch singles (compiled on the LP Fast Metabolism- M'Lady's, 2011) Tyvek's three full-lengths have been refreshingly dynamic affairs. 2009's self-titled debut (Siltbreeze) demonstrated a decidedly punk nonchalance, navigating their 4 track tape recorder between stripped down chop shop pop and basement psych blowouts. Their equally uncompromising second album, Nothing Fits (In The Red, 2010), captured their spastic energy as the band boiled the raw material down to its essence in focused blasts of incisive lyrics and manic riffing. Their latest full-length, On Triple Beams (In The Red, 2012), has Tyvek venturing into a more roomy, melodic headspace without sacrificing any of their bite or thud in the process.

“In late 2012, original drummer Matt Z. stepped down, replaced by Beren Elkine (formerly of Eat Skull, the Intelligence) whose style is at once driving and loose, meshing seamlessly with Tyvek's signature sound while revving it up. Her insistent beat moves the crowd and propels the band into new territory. Countless shows, releases, and a few line up changes later, Tyvek continues to evolve while staying true to their original idea: making music for their own enjoyment and for their friends, just to do it.”

The Detroit date on the tour, at PJ’s Lager House, is on June 7.

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