City Slang: Trinosophes shows

Oct 14, 2012 at 9:10 am

Local muso Joel Petersen is now hosting shows at a new space, Trinosophes. On Thursday, October 18, we get the William Hooker Duo with Home of Easy Credit.

Apparently, “Drummer William Hooker began his career performing with main-stream acts like The Isley Brothers and Dionne Warwick, but by the early 70's, he graduated to the New York creative music loft scene. Although fairly under-recorded in the first half of his career, by the 90's he emerged into the spotlight and became a fixture of New York's 'Downtown' music scene- particularly centered around the original Knitting Factory milieu. Since that time, he has worked with Thurston Moore and Lee Rinaldo, Zeena Parkins, Christian Marclay, William Parker, Sabir Mateen and many others. For this performance, he'll be joined by guitarist Ed Ricart as they play along to film selections.”

”Home of Easy Credit is the duo of Danish multi-instrumentalist Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen and American bassist Tom Blancarte. Folk, free improvisation and rock and roll all find their way into the mix, as evidenced by their new release on Northern Spy Records, one of the best labels to appear in the last couple years. Opening the show is yet another duo of home-town improvisers Jeff Marx (sax) and Kurt Prisbe (percussion).”

Other shows coming up include Tatsuya Nakatani on November 17, Oluyemi Thomas, Kenn Thomas, William Parker, and Kurt Prisbe on November 20, and Frode Gjerstadt on December 8.

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