City Slang: The Sights rock London

OK, as I am English, I still have friends in the old country, and the Sights just played there opening for Tenacious D, I thought it’d be fun to have one of my buddies review the show.

Chris “Metal Ed” Mann (pictured left) was my “gig partner” while in London, and he’s been here to visit a few times since I moved. He was, in fact, the best man at my wedding. Here’s what he had to say about Eddie Baranek’s Sights.

The Sights: Hammersmith Apollo - Wednesday the 24th October 2012

It’s a cold dreary Wednesday night in W6 and I’m furiously bolting down some veggie sushi, salt and vinegar french fries and a scrumptious banana smoothie so I can catch one of Detroit's finest bands , the Sights. They're here to support Tenacious D at the legendary Hammersmith Apollo. This hallowed hall of rock has seen many a rocktastic performance from such greats as the Who, Iron Maiden, AC/DC and only two weeks ago, Led Zeppelin picked this venue for the UK Premiere of their monumental new concert film, Celebration Day.

The venue was filled to about three quarters capacity when the band hit the stage and straight off the bat, their energy and musical prowess shook my considerably fuzzy noggin from side to side. I foot stomped and head banged my way through their entire set, fervently embracing every monster riff whilst eagerly clamoring in anticipation for the next future masterpiece. I didn't have to wait long; their songs are short and concise fireballs of hard hitting rock, each echoing the Detroit greats of the past whilst stamped with their own distinctive modern day slant.

Now, supporting a headliner is no easy task and this is especially true in the UK. With a notoriously difficult English audience in attendance they initially fell on deaf ears but as they blazed their way through each track the crowd began to warm to them, stowing away their smartphones to nod heads appreciatively in a way only a 'too cool for school' English crowd can. By the end of the set the crowd was engaged, they'd pretty much stopped chanting for Tenacious D and were applauding loudly between each song. It's unusual for a support band to truly give the headliner a run for their money but on this occasion it was certainly true.

A job well done and a pleasure to behold, here's hoping it won't be long before we see them return to these shores with their name proudly displayed above the door as headliners.

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