City Slang: “The Polish Muslims Make Number Two” revisited

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Performing at the Blowout at 12.30 at Kelly’s Bar on the Saturday, the Polish Muslims have become a staple of any Hamtramck event. Indeed, only this week they were blowing the roof off the New Dodge for Fat Tuesday.

The path is well-trodden, but somehow it’s still funny. The band take old songs, change the style to polka and change the lyrics to reflect their overt Polish-ness. So here, on the second album from 2000, we get a song called “Sophie is a Polka Rocker”, and another called “Julio Dis Guy Iglesias”. Even better are the locally-themed songs, like “Joe Campau” and “Where Hamtramck Is”.

The Polish Muslims are a party band. It seems inconceivable to sit at home, chilling out on the sofa, and play a Muslims record. In truth they are a live band, but there is a place for these discs (probably late at night on New Year’s Eve when everyone’s hammered.

Check them out at Kelly’s, and remember not to take them at all seriously. Besides, who else can make a poop joke right there in the album title?

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