City Slang: The Philter get trashed

Mar 22, 2012 at 6:50 am

Got to admit, I wasn’t familiar with the Philter before venturing over the the New Dodge on Wednesday night for the monthly Trash night, but I won’t be forgetting them in a hurry. While vendors were selling rock ’n’ roll garage sale wares around the pool table, while the Wings were losing to New York in overtime, the Philter were rolling into some awesome punk rock.

By the way, I scored some awesome comic books from said vendors.

The Philter is based in Royal Oak, and visually they offer little. In fact, the two dudes and one girl look disinterested throughout the set. That’s the shtick though; they’re bored with life, and we are now graced with their presence as they entertain us with their tales of woe.

Lyrically, the band call on emotional (don’t call them emo) groups like Joy Division and maybe even the Smiths. A bit of Nick Cave too. Musically, it’s fuzzy slacker indie punk with a dash of surf. Just a dash, but enough to make things far more interesting than they might be otherwise.

The Philter are far from the finished article, but watching them grow is gonna be hella fun.

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