City Slang: Sponge get new deal

Jul 9, 2013 at 9:19 pm

Alt-rockers Sponge have signed a new record deal with The End Records.

The band has a new album, Stop the Bleeding, out September 17, its debut for the label.

According to a statement, “The Detroit-based group, featuring vocalist Vinnie Dombroski, Billy Adams (drums), Tim Patalan (bass), Kyle Neely and Andy Patalan (guitar), has been keeping very busy carving their own place in today’s modern music scene by continuing to write exceptional songs while spending much of their time on the road.”

“I have been a huge fan of Sponge since their debut album [Rotting Piñata, 1994]. The new songs are the most powerful of anything they have done since and translate great live”, says The End Records founder/CEO Andreas Katsambas. “I've always felt they hadn't gotten their due credit so we're excited to help out with the new album and get it out to as many fans as possible.”

Sponge vocalist Vinnie Dombroski adds, “Sponge is so excited to be a part of a label where the passion is the music! And since we are so proud of the new record it makes perfect sense to be part of a collective where the team at the label as well as the other artists are as passionate!”

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