City Slang: Shagged out at Blowout Day 5

May 4, 2013 at 8:24 am

Phantom Cats had so many trippy light effects beamed around the library, it felt like we were inside a lava lamp. Very distracting, but I could still hear the singer’s wooing and warbling. It was like if Poly Styrene of X-Ray Specs was trying to sing like Kate Bush. I didn’t not like it, I want to check them out some more, but this morning I had to make a real effort to remember them.

Best band of the night, hands down, was White Shag, and not just because they gave lil’ ol’ me a shout out. A little bit classic rock, a little bit stoner, a little bit proto-punk – the Shag just rocks hard and doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks of them. It’s all sweat, grinding and jumping on tables. Why would anyone not like that?

Lansing’s Joshua Davis Trio were a little more sedate over at the Loving Touch but, hey, different isn’t bad. These guys have a soulful take on Americana, adding a touch of rockabilly and crooning girls. It was nice to sit and chill for a minute.

I went over to Rust Belt to see Electric Lion Sound Wave Experiment, and was treated to a little bit of Anastasia Gold. The drag queen rocker had performed at Como’s on Thursday to a crowd of virtually no one, so she was asked back to play a few songs between bands tonight. ELSWE were great too. The songs are so dense, there’s no room to breathe. It’s like film score music, composed by Pink Floyd.

My night ended back at One Eyed Betty’s with the Ill Itches, who obviously worship at the altar of the MC5, the Stooges and Brit bands like the Kinks. The exuberance and enthusiasm is infectious, and these guys are so young they have plenty of room to grow. The tunes don’t quite grab your balls yet, but they’ll get there.

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