City Slang: RIP Mike Kelley

We are saddened and stunned by the news that artist and former Destroy All Monsters member Mike Kelley has passed away having apparently committed suicide.

Reports seem to suggest that Kelley, a Detroiter who had been living in LA, had been depressed following the breakup of a relationship.

"His work was widely collected and exhibited internationally," said Stephanie Barron, senior curator of modern art at Los Angeles County Museum of Art. "He had a voracious appetite for all kinds of art. He was enormously curious and worked incredibly at his craft. He was never afraid to think really big. Artists like that don't come around very often."

Enough with the official statements though. Kelley’s time with DAM produced some of the most experimental and influential art noise ever produced, and it was that connection which led to Kelley designing the sleeve for Sonic Youth’s Dirty album.

Of late, he was obviously better known as an artist, and he will always be considered one of the greatest contemporary visual artists of his time.

He will be missed.

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