City Slang: PT’s Revenge at the Stick

Last Tuesday at the Magic Stick, and the place is full thanks to the visit of almost-veteran pop-punk band the Bouncing Souls, who will later inform Detroit about summer vacations and being a hopeless romantic. Things of that sort.

The Souls are a great band, and they brought two adequate opening bands with them too. However, the most interesting thing going on, as far as our ears are concerned was a rare appearance from ‘90s Detroit punks P.T.’s Revenge.

Mention of this band’s name around town seems to be met with a mixed reaction. To some, they will always be the also-rans, the band that tried and failed to make a dent in the Epitaph and Warped Tour-loving market. To others, they were the very definition of Detroit punk – criminally underrated but with tunes by the bucket-load.

At the Stick, they very clearly kicked ass. OK, so there was a ton of Bouncing Souls fans missing the action as they smoked and drank on the rooftop terrace but that was their loss. Songs like “BMX Plus” made the old fans in the crowd display a shit-eating grin and, by the time it was done, it was a mystery why they ever went away at all. This is a band that needs to play out more.

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