City Slang: Pig & Whiskey in the sun

Jul 21, 2013 at 9:17 pm

The sun beat down on Ferndale this weekend, creating the most glorious of backdrops for our own Pig & Whiskey event. Booze was consumed (at least semi-successfully), and enough pulled pork and ribs were consumed to account for countless farmyard massacres.

Thanks to all of our sponsors and vendors, and the City of Ferndale for being such fine hosts. Most of all, thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the weather, the food, drink and the music.

The music was great too. Passalacqua, Alexis, Flint Eastwood and Tunde Olaniran rocked Friday, while Saturday’s entertainment was provided by The Hounds Below, the Appleseed Cast, the Life and Times, Muscle Worship, the Muggs, Dutch Pink, Oak Bones, the Raw Dealers, the Ill Itches, White Shag and Paper Sound.

Sunday saw great sets from Kenny Tudrick, the Hand Grenades, the Beggars and the Infatuations, among others. The Blueflowers were a definite highlight in the sun; their dark, poetic folk-rock seemed to be conjuring all sorts of Pagan Gods and nature beasts, all while Kate Hinote sang her sweet heart out.

Special note also goes to Nice Hooves, who scared the crap out of everyone not already familiar with their screamcore noise by making them fucking familiar, fucking fast. Front man Dave Graw used to be in the awesome Bang Bang!, and he’s picked up where he left off here. He also scared the shit out of the organizers when he climbed across the top of the stage, wobbling like a drunk dude on a tightrope. Great stuff.

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