City Slang: Pathetic Sounds of Detroit LP and video coming soon

May 11, 2013 at 9:45 pm

A compilation follow up to the much loved Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit, amusingly titled The Pathetic Sounds of Detroit, has recently been completed and will be released soon.

According to a statement, “In doing the project, we were looking for a way to showcase some of the best talent in the scene while also setting an example for bands to work together for the good of the Detroit local music scene. We also wanted to pay homage to some of the most exciting times in the Detroit music scene, and felt this was the best way to do it. It is probably one of the most ambitious projects I've seen come out of Detroit since the city's last big jump to the national spotlight and I have been really excited to be involved with it. We've spoken to people involved with the original Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit, such as Ben, Jack White, and even Sympathy for the Record Industry's Long Gone John, and are extremely pleased with the final product.”

Bands featured on the comp will be:
The Ashleys
The ILL Itches
The Boy Wonders
Citizen Smile
The Handgrenades
Nam Kook and the Typhoon
The Bad Mics
Hit Society
White Shag
Patrick Davy & the Ghosts
Emily Rose

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