City Slang: Niagara puts on War Paint

Jun 7, 2012 at 5:27 am

Former Destroy All Monsters and Dark Carnival siren Niagara will present her first solo exhibit in more than eight years at the Re:View Contemporary Gallery. The opening reception is on July 14 from 7pm.

Here’s the info. “War Paint is her first solo exhibit in her hometown in over 8 years, and it is arguably her most mature and confident work ever. In this exhibit Niagara explores the roles of women during wartime, specifically World War II, in her trademark Comic Panel narrative style -which as befitting a Niagara, will be jam packed with color, attitude and wit. It is still about power, beauty and violence, but this time it’s in the “morally acceptable” theater of war. Heavily influenced by her interest in war history and the leadership and charisma that entail this delicate dynamic of morality and carnage, the subject is not too far from her previous mercenary femmes fatale and beautiful miscreants whose femininity has never been an obstacle in wreaking havoc upon their enemies.”

“While the theme of war is implicitly alluded to, there is a much more subtle and personal element as well to War Paint. 2012 finds us at war with our ourselves, economically as well as politically and socially- especially women who have to battle men for equal wages and power- this conflict is a never ending tautology and this conflict has never been lost on this artist. There will be approximately 8-10 never before seen works in “War Paint” as well as a selection of prints and items from her fashion work.”

There are few characters in Detroit like Niagara, and fewer talented artists. This should be worth catching.

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