City Slang: New releases from Five Three Dial Tone

Jul 28, 2012 at 10:54 am

Awesome local label Five Three Dial Tone Records has a couple of great new releases available, featuring Phantasmagoria and Johnny Headband.

Phantasmagoria’s Currents is the label’s first 12” LP, and the peeps there are understandably proud. “We've pressed 300 copies of Currents and, as usual, 50 of those are on white vinyl. Those 50 copies will be placed into super special hand-numbered glitter-stenciled sleeves.

In addition, the label is putting out a 7” by Johnny Headband called Hot Button Topic, which includes a remix by Casimer&Casimer.

“Once again we've pressed 50 of the 300 records on white vinyl, and placed those into limited edition Psychadelic Baked Potato sleeves.” Members of the email list get first crack at snagging one of the discs.

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