City Slang: New book celebrates Detroit musicians and more

Jan 20, 2013 at 11:29 pm

Detroit native photographer Jenny Risher has a book coming out, Heart Soul Detroit featuring portraits of and interviews with fascinating characters from the area, including many local musicians.

Included in the book are Eminem, Martha Reeves, Smokey Robinson, Jack White, Don Was and Berry Gordy.

According to the press release, “Through intimate and compelling color portraiture and raw interview transcripts, Risher and editor Matt Lee present 51 influential, successful and fascinating Detroiters as they speak of their love for The Motor City. And it arrives just a few months after Risher brought her thriving practice back to metro Detroit after 15 successful years in New York, having relocated to raise her kids closer to family in a Midwestern atmosphere and to enjoy Detroit’s creative energy and community.”

”One of Risher’s most memorable photo shoots was Berry Gordy’s. She traveled to Beverly Hills to meet the Motown founder and was impressed by his energy and charisma. “It’s no wonder all these people worked so hard for him during their careers and dedicated everything to him,” she says. “It was hard for me to not be overcome with emotion. I just had to keep it together and take the picture.””

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