City Slang: Motor City Tap Fest this month

Aug 15, 2011 at 1:32 pm

Between August 18-21, the 4th annual Motor City Tap Fest will be held at Wayne State University's Old Main Building. In the past, the event has attracted attendees from as far away as Honduras, Central America, Niagara Falls, Canada, and Phoenix, Arizona, all coming to Detroit to dance. You can’t knock that.

According to a statement by the organizers, the event will consist of four days of master tap classes taught by leading artists in the industry from coast to coast, a tap jam to learn the art of improvisation, “Masters of Tap” at Orchestra Hall, and a participants' showcase to allow attendees to perform for the master teachers and their peers. “Masters of Tap features the esteemed faculty of tap artists and is open to the public. These veterans of film, Broadway, television, and more, will take the stage at Orchestra Hall at the Max M. Fisher Music Center on Saturday, August 20, at 7:30 p.m.”

Among the tap stars on display will be Emmy-nominated Gregg Russell, recently featured on Paula Abdul's Live To Dance, and Sarah Reich, who just appeared on So You Think You Can Dance.

The event will also feature and honor Professor Ardie Bryant, recognized as the innovator of modern jazz tap. He has performed with Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, and Count Basie, among others.

Now, for those of you thinking that you’re too cool to attend a tap dancing festival, think again. These guys are masters of their craft, and they’re going to be here in Detroit. That’s something that we should celebrate. So let’s get those minds open and get out for an evening or two of music and dance. New experiences are good.

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