City Slang: More Christmas messages

Dec 24, 2012 at 11:59 pm

Hopefully you will have seen my feature in this week’s Metro Times, a collection of holiday stories from Detroit musos.

Well, there were a couple of entries that didn’t make it in because of space, time or both. Here they are:

Scott Asheton (Stooges)
Greatest gift I ever received was my daughter who was born in December and her eyes twinkling in the lights and her smile on Christmas morning is my greatest memory. [This year wish for] peace and good health for everyone.

Christian Draheim (Infatuations, Ty Stone & the Truth)
Getting a call from Ty Stone just before Christmas in 2010 letting me know we were heading out on an Arena Tour as an opener for Kid Rock's Born Free Tour in January 2011. Then he called me a week later to let me know we are kicking off the tour opening at Kid Rock's 40th Birthday Bash at Ford Field. As a kid my friends and I always talked about what it would be like to perform in front of 30, 60, or 75 thousand people. I am fortunate and truly blessed to have had the opportunity not only 1 evening, but 30 plus times at this point. First you believe it then you'll see it! [This year I want] good news for our economy and some new releases from the Infatuations. We started cutting tracks at the Church in Plymouth and we just booked some time with Al Sutton at Rustbelt in Royal Oak.

Mathias Aduke (Bobby Electric)
FRIENDSHIP is the best Xmas present ever! And, truth be told, the best Xmas present I ever received was a Super Nintendo, a few years ago. I had all my old games still, but my console was broken. So, this was a HUGE deal, and I was very happy about it. This year for Xmas, I would like to take a bath with the members of Bars Of Gold. I think that it would be a swell time for ALL involved.

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