City Slang: Meatman launch Kickstarter campaign

May 15, 2013 at 9:09 pm

Veteran hardcore punks the Meatmen have launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be seen here.

Frontman Tesco Vee released a statement saying, “That's right, I've been entertaining your sorry asses for over 30 years, and now it's time for YOU to become a part of Meat History!
After 18 years, we embark on our first new platter of Meaty originals - filled with all the Hate Rock Wack you expect from us and then some!! We have been pouring our black hearts and hate-filled souls into the process, and this masterwork is gonna set the Punk Rock planet ablaze! Nobody is safe, as I lay the verbal wood to all-new targets left and right! And these 3 Henchman backing me up are the real deal! We are calling upon you, the loyal Meatheads to get off your wheelchair butts and be part of the creative process!
Every single penny you invest is going back into the band, and nothing in our pockets. Any amount that exceeds our target goal of $5000 will be invested into the band to give YOU a girthier, meatier experience. New props? Check. New costumes? Fuck yeah. New Van? Yeah, maybe if Sugar Daddy Lucifer himself kicks in some loot. Any donation of $50 or greater will have your name included in the liner notes of the new album!
After being on the road for the last few years, we've heeded your call for a new album! For over 30 years, Good ol' Uncle Tesco has accrued a belly full of vitriol and a lyrical prowess to lay waste to all those in his path! Fuck all this pussy shit, masquerading as musclehead these days. The Meatmen are back, and with your help we'll be haulin' a big sack o' piss n' vinegar - in the waxy form of a new album! Don't miss out -- Weenbags!"

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