City Slang: Lightning Love has blonde ambition

Jun 23, 2012 at 6:22 am

Ypsilanti’s favorite indie-pop darlings Lightning Love are preparing for the release of the Blonde Album on August 28 through Quite Scientific Records.

One of the great privileges of covering music in Detroit over the past few years has been watching Lightning Love grow. The band’s two records up to now, the Girls Who Look Like Me EP and November Birthday, have been spectacular, so expectations are high for this second full-lenghter.

Back in 2009, in an MT feature, I said, “There's a depth in the band's lyrics that gives Lightning Love a brand of pop edge that's unmistakably Detroit. Nevertheless, their devotion to melody (remember that?), the singer's super-sweet voice and her very tinkly keyboard style confirms that Lightning Love is most definitely a pop band.

While they say in a statement, “You get the acid and the sweet, the pain and the pleasure in one glorious dose. So, order up another round and don't fret if there's a little bit of drunken crying at the end of the night. There'll be lots of dancing leading up to it. The Blonde Album is out August 28th, 2012 on Quite Scientific!”

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