City Slang: Juggalos say ‘We are not a gang’

Jan 10, 2013 at 8:43 am

There has been much murmuring from the ICP camp following the FBI’s decision last year to label their fans, the juggalos, as a gang. It was an odd call; no musical fan base has had these issues before, and we all know how badly some of those Dead-heads behaved.

Well, the juggalos are pushing back. A statement has been released with stories from the clown-fans describing how they have been adversely affected by the gang label.

Joshua of Bloomington, IN, says, “I was in Indianapolis about three months ago and went into a gas station. As I was heading to get a soda, the clerk said, ‘Hey, we don't serve your kind here.’ I was confused so I asked ‘What do you mean by that, sir?’ Then he said ‘You’re wearing that ICP Juggalo stuff and Juggalos are a gang. You have two choices, son. One, you leave my store nice and calm or two, I call the law.’ So I left but I still don't think that was right.”

Meanwhile, Jason (no other details available) says, ““My name is Jason. I am a recently retired Army Specialist who has been a Juggalo for over 10 years now. I have been over to Afghanistan and served this country proudly. I was over there from 2009-2010. I have earned several awards and medals for my time there, however in early 2012, a staff sergeant noticed my hatchetman tattoo, which I had for over five years now and told me I need to get it covered or removed. The Army I served with and government I once believed in has turned their back on me. They threatened to kick me out. I received my honorable discharge in August, but I have been barred from re-enlistment because of my tattoos. Just a few weeks ago, I was taken into Lake County Jail because I was wearing my blue Twiztid jersey at a store and the cops ran my ID and found a warrant. I asked the cops why they stopped me and was told it was because of gang related activities. When I was being booked, the officer doing it asked me if I had any tattoos. I kindly told the cop I have the crest of the Corps of Engineers for the time I spent as a combat engineer, a cross on my back, a scroll on my side, and when I pulled my sleeve up, she saw the hatchetman and told me I have to be put in the system as a gang member. When I asked her why, she told me it was because of my tattoo. Because of this garbage that people are saying about Juggalos and that we are a gang, even though I know we aren't I have been barred from re-enlistment in the Army, profiled for the clothes I wear, and I have been labeled in the legal system as a gang member. My life has damn near been destroyed. If it wasn't for my Juggalo family I would have nothing.”