City Slang: Jerry Vile’s Secret of Life

May 2, 2012 at 1:20 pm

Former Boners frontman and Dirty Show and Orbit founder Jerry Vile presents his Secret of Life Revealed art spectacular on May 19 at Bankle Fine Arts. Viewing fee is $5.

According to the press release, “Love him or hate him, Jerry Vile is undeniably one of the cleverest people to come out of this city, and his lengthy resume is a testament to his cultural importance. And given his history, if he were a resident of either coast, he would likely be a star by this time. More than once I have credited him with being “The most important figure in Detroit sub culture of the last 25 plus years and I still stand by it. Hell, even Wayne State University Publishing is commemorating Jerry’s Orbit years with a coffee table tome, venerating the magazine that was Jerry’s Pop Art canvas for 10 years. Mixing humor with the truth and a whole lot of exaggeration, Orbit was legendary in making the whole scene in the 1990’s- look important. He is doing just what he has always done- however this time it is on the walls - floors and probably the ceilings of a gallery.”

”While he may not be the best painter in Detroit, he just may be its best artist. His humor can be stupid- but it can also be profound. He may shock in his incisive social commentary. Remember that only a minimum amount of what he does is erotic when it comes to his own work. So don’t laugh, we just may have the next Jeff Koons, Damian Hirst or Banksy right in our midst. Why? Because it’s not just an exhibit- it’s an art spectacular.”

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