City Slang: Infinity Hour prepares for Stars & Stripes

Local teenage alt-rockers Infinity Hour are preparing to open for Buckcherry at this weekend’s Stars & Stripes Festival, on June 29 at 6:45 p.m. On the Budweiser National Stage.

Rather amazingly, the band formed when vocalist Jena Asciutto was 12 years old. She’s 15 now. “The band had previously honed their skills playing covers of both classic rock songs and contemporary alternative hits, but with the addition of Asciutto’s distinctive voice, Infinity Hour underwent a transformation of style and substance that is still in progress. Over the past four years, Infinity Hour – Asciutto, now 15, singing lead vocals; Jared Bentley, 18, on lead guitar; Brad Rude, 18, on bass; Katelyn Perrett, 15, on rhythm guitar; and Dylan Walsh, 17, on drums – has evolved into a confident, kick-ass collaboration of five incredibly talented teenagers ready to take over the world.”

“Everyone in this band has different taste in music,” says bassist Brad Rude. “And I think that makes us better songwriters, because we end up writing lots of different types of songs – heavier songs, ballads, songs that are more pop-driven.”

“In the past,” Asciutto says, “I’ve written a lot about young love and heartbreak. Sometimes I like to write from another person’s point of view, but I’ve also written about real life experiences, like my parents’ divorce, and I think a lot of people can relate to that. But it’s not all dark and sad. I can be inspired by watching a movie, or just by being happy and loving life.”

Sounds great. Not sure about that band name though. By definition, an hour cannot be infinity. But hey, a silly name didn’t stop the Smashing Pumpkins.

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