City Slang: Ethan Daniel Davidson’s Silvertooth coming in September

Aug 10, 2012 at 8:06 am

Local singer/songwriter Ethan Daniel Davidson has a new album, Silvertooth coming out on September 11. The record is co-produced by Warren Defever and Gretchen Gonzalez Davidson.

Not only that, but Ethan will be giving the album away for free at his shows on CD, LP and cassette formats, or it can be downloaded for free at upon release.

This is Davidson’s first new album in seven years, after the folk singer tried taking over the family business and going straight.

Warren Defever: “He's kind of a folk singer. He knows at least 17 verses of Woody Guthrie's "Ballad of Tom Joad". He drove around every corner of the country in a van for six years. He's a people person who's drifted extensively. He remembers your name and he knows the land; one time we were driving to New York from Detroit and he suggested an Indian restaurant that was open past midnight thirty minutes off the freeway in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania. Ask him what the third tallest mountain in Washington is and he can tell you (Mt Baker). I'm pretty sure Ethan should write a guide book. He knows a lot of songs - request one of the weird songs from the Clash's Sandinista (triple album 1980) and you can't believe he knows all the words, Funkadelic, Willie Nelson, Townes Van Zandt, John Jacob Niles, and Jimmy Dale Gilmore, he's got the whole catalog up in there. I've even seen him bust out the Sesame Street version of that one Feist song"

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