City Slang: DIY bands in their own words

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There’s a lot of great music to be heard at the DIY Fest in Ferndale this weekend, created by some fascinating musicians. Here are some juicy nuggets that those guys have passed down to us over the years:

“Technically our worst show but weirdly one of my Top 5 favorites was when we opened for T-Pain in Arizona. It was a very interesting show. From the time that we stepped on the stage to the time we stopped playing, they booed us the entire time. We didn't even play a note. At the time I had a shaved head so they just saw me and started booing. It was so awesome."
- Jax Andersen, Flint Eastwood

“I’m big into ’80s cars — for no good reason at all — but the 305 is the engine that’s been in three out of the four ’80s cars that I’ve had.”
- Ronny Tibbs, Ronny Tibbs & the 305’s

“It’s my first time headlining something by myself where it’s not a festival [DIY]. I really want people to come and get an idea of what they might see if I had control over my environment. I’m really trying to make something very immersive. I want to introduce some left of center, acoustic elements.”
- Tunde Olaniran

"The music is great sober, my jokes are hysterical drunk. So come sober and drink a lot of beers. If anybody has to tune, Matt will tell a joke."
- Matt Twomey, Bill Grogan’s Goat

“I know there are some people who don’t like it [her image] one bit. I think people realize that I really do care about the music I make. It’s the first thing people know about us. The funny thing is, as we play more shows and make more recordings, it’s really not the first thing people think about. One of the great qualities about the history of music in this city is that it is theatrical. Whether you’re talking about the Stooges, Alice Cooper or what the fuck ever.
- Anastasia Gold

"As far as contrasts between us emotionally, that's necessary just to play shows and get things done. Everyone's got a different idea of what they want the same song to sound like. You all start at that point, and then you break off and it becomes what it needs to be."
- Ray Thompson, Oscillating Fan Club

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