City Slang: Dick Wagner back on tour in July

Jul 1, 2012 at 3:38 pm

Former Frost and Alice Cooper guitarist Dick Wagner will be on tour through July, playing all over Michigan on the Maestro of Rock tour, and promoting his book, Not Only Women Bleed.

His current band features: Ray Goodman, Skeeto Valdez, Robert Wagner, Dennis Burr, Grant West and Mark Nilan.

Here are the dates:
July 13 The Cherry Festival, Traverse City, MI 7:30pm
July 14 Horizon Books, Book Signing, Traverse City MI 12 noon to 2pm
July 14 White's Bar 75th Anniversary Celebration Concert, Saginaw MI
June 25 Book Signing UDetroit, Harmonie Park Studios 6pm
July 26 Motor City Guitar, Book Signing, Pontiac MI 6:30pm
July 28 Callahan's Music Hall, Auburn Hills MI 8PM

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