City Slang: Damn Yankees in Bangor

Detroit fans of Ted Nugent, plus Chicago fans of Styx, have a right to feel slightly aggrieved, as the two bands waited until the final night of the Midwest Rock ‘n’ Roll Express tour in Bangor before getting onstage together to perform the Damn Yankees’ “Coming of Age”.

I know that I was hoping for a Damn Yankees tune when seeing the show at thew DTE Theater/Pine Knob on June 28, but it wasn’t to be.

As STYX’s Tommy Shaw declared, “Working with Brother Ted has been a real treat.  Joining fellow Nugent alumni Dave Amato (REO Speedwagon guitarist) in the wings on a regular basis to watch Ted, Derek (St. Homes), Greg (Smith) and Mick (Brown) craft the perfect set for our collective audience.  Night after night, it has been inspirational.  Then, to finish the tour with Ted joining STYX on stage for a killer performance of ‘Coming of Age’ caught me off-guard how powerful it was.  I swear Nugent was levitating.  Damn Yankee brothers forever.”

Damn it.

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