City Slang: Circus Boy, etc, Saturday

Mar 15, 2013 at 8:59 pm

Wondering what do to this weekend? Here’s a hint:

Circus Boy
Lager House
What we have here is actually one hell of a kick as rock ’n’ roll lineup. As well as filty punk rock degenerates Circus Boy, we have sex-obsessed riff punks White Shag, psychobilly biker punx Nuke & the Hellriders, and the Stooges-influenced Farleys. Put that lot together and add alcohol, and you have a perfect recipe for an end-of-winter puke and saliva cocktail. The music is going to be loud, raucous and awesome, and the slamming will likely get vicious. This shit if gonna get rowdy. Thankfully, you can always adjourn next door for a drink and rest, before jumping boot-first back in.

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