City Slang: Child’s view of Concert of Colors

Jul 7, 2013 at 10:12 pm

When I recently spoke to the Howling Diablos’ Tino Gross for my Concert of Colors feature, Color Me Good, he stated that one of the appealing things about the festival is the fact that it is so family-friendly. “I really like that it’s supposed to be the most kid-friendly event,” Gross said. “I talk to my neighbors who don’t go to see rock ’n’ roll bands, and they go to Concert of Colors with the kids for the face-painting and stuff. You’ve got to love that they hook it up like that.”

He’s right. Last year, I took my then-6-month-old son Dylan to Concert of Colors, and that was his first ever concert. Even at that age, in my arms, I could see him enjoying all of the wild and wonderful things that were going on around him, and particularly the very dance-appropriate music of all types.

So naturally, this year we went back. I’m sure Don Was’ jam, later in the evening, was superb. For me, Concert of Colors is now all about enjoying live music with my boy, exposing him to different cultures at an early age, and just having hella fun.

This year, that fun was aided by techno DJ Tailor Hawkins on the outside stage (Dylan just kinda stared but he was obviously soaking it all in), the Candy Band inside (kids songs played fast and punky by awesome moms – Dylan was more interested in watching the older children run and laugh, and eating his Goldfish, and Wisaal back outside (an Arabic music band – Dylan was hypnotized by the clarinet, and a nearby dog).

I love live music in Detroit, but the Concert of Colors has a special place in my heart right now because I get to take my son to something he can enjoy. Next year he’ll be two-and-a-half and he’ll be able to enjoy it a bit more for a bit longer. For now, thanks to the organizers for a very, very special event.

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