City Slang: Blowout Day 6 – 13 bands in four hours

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Blowout is over for another year and, while you can be sure that the strong opinions will continue to rain in (please keep them coming, btw), we’re just happy that, at the end of the day, 600-ish bands were able to play the festival, with the vast majority of them playing well. It’s after 2am Sunday morning, I just got home and I miss Blowout already. I ran my ass off tonight too, moving from venue to venue seeing as much as could. Here’s my report:

Odd Hours had a dude in tights playing guitar and Jay from the Rogue Satellites singing backup. The music came in all gentle and then kicked off. Kinda trippy hard rock.

The Briscoe County Vultures seemed to be playing largely country covers at Rust Belt. They played them well enough, but I want to hear new originals at Blowout. Moving on

Dolfish is one dude on guitar with a weird but cool voice. I dug the song about the shoes that don’t work.

The Luddites have a New Orleans kinda thang going on. They sounded great, perfect for a festival, though it was funny watching them all cram onto the Como’s “stage”.

The Rogue Satellites were playing stuff from the forthcoming new album, and I want that album now. Good sign.

FUR sounded huge at the Loving Touch. I hate Muse, but these guys take the few things that are good about that band and really run with it.

Doc Waffles & Eddie Logix was leaping around the Library, rapping about hockey fights and tennis courts. There were some funny lines but, I dunno, there was a sharpness lacking. Plus, there was a hairy dude behind them posturing, and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Very funny.

American Mars have Dave Feeney, so you know they’re gonna be good. Beautiful songs beautifully played.

Alexis are an odd thing. A duo with a Joey Ramone look-alike playing ‘80s disco pop. Tough not to like.

Electric Fire Babies are the band of the night, hands down. I hadn’t them in a couple of years, and they have gotten so much better in that time. Now, they sound like a cross between the Happy Mondays and the Tom Tom Club. They turned that Como’s upstairs room into a party, the floors bouncing. Tremendous.

The Thornbills are alright but I wasn’t in need of a come-down at this stage in the evening. Not their fault, but chilled, rootsy Americana won’t keep me awake. Another time, guys.

WAB is packed for the Beggars, who are doing their best to get everyone rocking the fuck out. These guys have the rock ‘n’ soul tunes to keep this going all night.

The night ends for me at Rust Belt with punks the A-Gang, who bring the whole thing to raucous, obnoxious close. The vocals are spat out, the riffs fly with reckless abandon, and the tunes are great.

See you next year, Blowout.

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