City Slang: Black Dahlia Murder streams track with Revolver

The Black Dahlia Murder is streaming a track with the help of Revolver magazine.

The track is called “Rape in Hatred by Vines of Thorn”, and it can be heard here.

The song is an ode to Evil Dead, of which BDM’s Trevor Strnad said, “I remember the first time I saw Evil Dead it was at my friend's birthday party in 7th grade. It was recommended by the same older sister that had gotten us all into punk and heavy metal music so we knew we were in for the real deal. The movie scared the unholy 13 year old shit out of us we were terrified. I remember the possessions really affecting me the way the people would contort and writhe was disturbing. The possessed had that awful way that they sounded when they spoke and howled pretty insane as well. The vine rape scene was intense I love the idea of the forest coming alive so much so that I wrote a song about it many years later."

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