City Slang: Alice Cooper releases Rolling Stones-esque single

Aug 25, 2011 at 1:50 pm

The first single from Alice Cooper’s new Welcome 2 My Nightmare album is tastefully entitled “I’ll Bite Your Face Off” and, according to Alice, it’s a tribute to the Stones.

"This is my tip-of-the-hat to early Rolling Stones," says Alice, "Like in 1964/65 when their songs were very Chuck Berry orientated. They just feel so good, in the pocket. This song was begging to be in the live show. We've done it in four different continents now and no one had ever heard it. By the second chorus, the whole audience is singing 'I'll Bite Your Face Off.' It's the perfect little 3 minute hit single. I don't mind showing people where I get my songs from. I can guarantee there were times when major acts took an Alice Cooper song and said 'we want it to sound like that.' Because I've heard it and recognized it. I see it as a compliment."

The B-side is a song called “Caffeine”, also from the new album and co-written by Keith Nelson of Buckcherry. “We sat down and wrote the basis for this song at his studio," Alice explains, "I took it back to Nashville and went crazy with it. It is something only Alice could do. It went from a rock song to a strange Alice piece but it kept its balls all the way through it. Keith thought it was great but he never thought it would end up sounding like that."

The “I’ll Bite Your Face Off” single is out now. Welcome 2 My Nightmare is released September 12. Both are available via Universal Music Group.