City Slang: Alice Cooper gives career advice

According to Classic Rock Magazine, Alice Cooper is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the “School’s Out” single by advising students about what do do after the exams are over.

Cooper said of “School’s Out” that, “It’s the song that launched my band’s career – it’s every school’s anthem.”

“It was Britain that made it a hit. Mary Whitehouse banning us was publicity we couldn’t buy. All we could do was send flowers.

“At that time, School’s Out was very subversive compared to what was on the radio. Everything was pop-oriented, and here comes this song about kids saying, ‘Let’s blow the school up.’ Luckily no one took it seriously – but they got the point that every single kid in the world absolutely hated school on the last day.”

However, Alice said that his own son recently graduated from university, and is now struggling to get the right job. Cooper’s advise? “Make some noise, will you? Someone I one knew used to say, ‘The squeaky wheel gets the oil.’ Good luck, my kiddies.”

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