Checking in with Detroit rapper Stretch Money

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Stretch Money. -
Stretch Money.
Stretch Money has been a hip-hop all-star since his 2006 track “It Takes Money to Make Money” became a Detroit anthem. Metro Times caught up with him to talk about his new music.

Metro Times: Your 2006 debut single and album, “It Takes Money to Make Money” was so epic, do you ever get tired off folks bring up that one song? How has it been setting the bar so high for yourself because your debut was so legendary?

Stretch Money: Actually, sometimes I do get tired of it. However, I’m happy to be remembered. It has been difficult because music changes…generations change. For people to bring up that song begs the question of what do they really want to hear.

MT: “STFU” is a pretty hard cut. What all can we expect on the album? Who handled the production?

Stretch Money: You can expect to be taken for a ride… a slightly smooth approach with an aggressive “turn-up” to close the album out. Denotes handled the production as well as Quarter Pound Music. I also have production from Killa Smoov and Plenty Mo’ Tracks.

MT: How have you grown the most musically since 2006?

Stretch Money: I’m a polished artist now. I know exactly what I’m doing, what I won’t do and where I’m taking (my career).

MT: How have you grown the most as a man since then as well?

Stretch Money: I’m more responsible…and sharper. I also have a little more patience.

MT: How do you feel about the current state of Detroit hip-hop? Are you feeling any of the new cats?

Stretch Money: I like what’s dope! Everybody and they cousin rap now… everybody not real, it’s too many gangsters, killers, and drug lords. I wanna see a few other artists win including myself.

Stretch Money performs at the 2017 UHHA 2nd Annual Summer Showcase
on Saturday, July 1 at The Bullfrog; 1514 Telegraph Rd., Redford; starts at
9 p.m. Additional performers include Neisha Neshae, Kevo Hendricks, and more.

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