Check out this brand new video from local hip-hop collective Awkward Theory

Sep 18, 2015 at 9:33 am
Last week,the Southwest Detroit hip-hop group Awkward Theory released their second video,"Falling," from their self-tilted debut album. It's hard to not like their flow, lines like "yeah I've known a lot of shit but I've never known bliss," and that sinuous guitar playing throughout the entire thing.
Awkward Theory is an up and coming alternative hip hop collective emerging out of Southwest Detroit. The group uses live instrumentation, and is noted for intermixing classic hip hop styles with other genres such as rock, pop-punk, Afro-Latino drumming and folk strings. The group formed when Gabriel Duran and Pharoah Soul, who grew up together, met Supreme Flows and Wood Zombie at local cyphers put on by the hip hop collectives The Raiz Up and the iconic 5e Gallery. After spending time together and performing at multiple events in Detroit, they decided to form Awkward Theory and work on building their own collective vision. Known for their distinctive beat compositions and juxtapositioning of soft vocals and gritty lyrics, they are on a course to impact both the local and national music scene. To date, they have performed at events such as the annual Arts, Beats, & Eats in Royal Oak, the Nelson Mandela Tribute at the Music Hall, and the Concert of Colors. Sharing stages with artist such as YC the Cynic, Invincible, Dagda, Aztek the Barfly, Sacramento Knoxx, and Rebel Diaz. Awkward Theory is currently an independent act composed of artist, producers and a graphic designer. They write and record their music together and produced their first self-titled album that released in June of 2015, after which they toured nationally with renowned poet and activist Michael Reyes.