Check out this brand new track from Detroit MC Nametag Alexander

Sep 21, 2015 at 10:29 am
Today we received the following email from MC Nametag Alexander.

What's up Kahn. How's it going? Below is my new single from my upcoming EP...

"La Da Da" is a record that speaks confidence. Detroit MC Nametag Alexander delivers a double-time cadence, with a hook that is slowed down, giving everybody a chance to catch up. Flint, MI producer, Nameless [For Namesake, The Gift Vol.1, Fab Five] illustrated the cover art as well as the production. The whole track makes you feel like something dangerous COULD happen. It has that edge. The song is the lead single for Nametag's upcoming project titled, "Taglines" slated for a fourth quarter 2015-early 2016 release. "La Da Da" is exclusively available now to stream via Soundcloud, and to purchase/stream on Bandcamp. It will appear in more digital platforms for music by mid September.