Check out these trippy rap videos by Detroit's Miikey MuuN aka IAM Golden

Dec 14, 2015 at 2:37 pm
We received an email yesterday with links to two videos posted earlier this year from a unique local hip-hop artist who'd somehow escaped our attention.
"Miikey MuuN The Alien" wrote to describe himself and work thusly: "[He] is a well known producer and artist in Detroit that has gained critically acclaimed success. He currently represents a movement called IAM Alien which hones the basis of embracing who you truly are as a human being and not letting society dictate your success, he says."
"We are making being yourself and unique cool again. We are all creators that have the power to change an evolve the world as we know it. "

This is highly original, unique work; do yourself a favor and get lost for a few minutes today.