Cary Safarian Speaks!

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Collage art that came enclosed with Cary Safarian's letter.

An interesting item came by post yesterday: a genuine letter from former Graystone Hall promoter Cary Safarian. You may recall our piece; on the fundraiser that had hoped to come up with money to support and a bid for clemency on behalf of MDOC Prisoner 207905;. Well, the letter has all the usual bad news and more. For a copy of the full correspondence, e-mail [email protected], but here’s the juicy stuff, as well as a glimpse of some of his prison-made art (see above).

I read your article on my benefit show at the Miami. Thanks for publicizing it and giving some background as to who I am and what the whole thing was about. I had to smile when I read some of the anecdotal history of the Graystone. Where did you get your information? I want to say that some of the stories were exaggerated, but not too much. I especially liked the description of me as a “Bluto-like fireplug.” Really!

I’m writing this to update you on my situation. The state is attempting to confiscate the money. The pretext is the SCFRA, or Prisoner Reimbursement Act. The state treasurer has frozen my account, and I stand to lose not only those funds but my own as well. I have to prove where the money came from and what it was intended for. I will be able to, but the state will still try to argue they can take it. It will be a tight fight.

This is part of an ongoing battle with the Department of Corrections. They have destroyed my property, retaliated against me by transferring me around the state, and denied me medical care. They have harassed my visitors, denied me access to my attorney and the courts, and lost my mail. The reasons for this are in part a mystery to me. For the most part, however, this harassment is just business as usual for the department.
I know that I have a biased view of the MDOC. But I have to ask the question: why is the subject off limits to the media, for the most part? Why is there such a shortage of genuine information about what the Department is doing to cut costs? The real scandal is why most of these prisoners are serving such long sentences and why there is no mechanism for release?

Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully respond to this letter. I am eternally grateful to Greg, José, Machelle, Katie, and everyone who collected signatures on my petition, and helped organize these benefits. Thank you for writing about me. I look forward to meeting you. I will be applying for a commutation soon, as my last one was unsuccessful. I have these signatures and many letters of support. I will be looking for more as soon as I file. Again, thanks. —Cary Safarian (Scary)

To write to Cary, send mail (and maybe a few stamps) to:

Cary Safarian 207905
E.C. Brooks Correctional Facility
2500 S. Sheridan Dr.
Muskegon Heights, MI 49444

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