Cansei de Ser Sexy

For Brazilian kids who grew up speaking Portuguese, São Paulo disco punks CSS have a way with the witty English couplet. "Music is my king-sized bed," sings frontwoman Lovefoxxx over a sleazy up-and-down glam rock riff, and she follows with "My music is where I'd like you to touch." The song is called "Music Is My Hot Hot Sex," suggesting that CSS starts with a cute slogan and then builds a song around it. Sometimes the phrase in question isn't particularly memorable, as on "Off the Hook," wherein Lovefoxx asserts that, yes, she is off the hook. Baby. But lyrical stabs a couple clicks from the norm are part of CSS's charm, and Lovefoxxx has the enthusiasm and joyous backing band to sell them. There are too many dull moments — witness the plodding Caribbean lilt of "Alcohol" and the dull electro dead-end "Computer Heat" — but that's easy to forgive in the context of a record so simple, happily trashy and likable. And when highlights like "Let's Make Love and Listen Death from Above" (perfect for doing the hustle) and "Meeting Paris Hilton" (slick as a Louis Vuitton handbag) roll around, you're suddenly glad that summer's in full swing and brimming at 100 degrees.

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