The Hollywood homies were out in full force again in Detroit, this time for the I Crime show at 313.Jacs (aka Jacoby's) this past Saturday night, August 9th. Several songs into the band's set, Drew Barrymore -- in town to direct Whip It! (see last week's post below) -- approached the stage to ask lead vocalist/guitarist Jennie Knaggs if it would be OK if her friend Juliette Lewis got onstage to perform a song with the quartet. Taken just a little aback by the request, Knaggs responded with something along the lines of: "Why? Am I too fat?" Barrymore didn't seem to get the joke, either. Nevertheless, at the end of the set, Ms. Lewis, yet another of Tinsel Town's famous Scientologist punk rockers, did get up to perform a song with several members of the group in front of a crowd that included Ellen Page, Jimmy Fallon, Zoe Bell and Landon Pigg. Her choice? A cover of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive." Whatever...

It was -- how you say? -- not good. In fact, it kinda sucked.

Shouldn't Detroit have a law against this kinda stuff that used to only take place in H'weird clubs where talent, of course, is always secondary to celebrity....

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