Bob Dylan to sing Detroit’s praises during Super Bowl

Jan 29, 2014 at 11:09 am

The legendary Bob Dylan will be this year’s Clint Eastwood/Eminem and talk up Detroit for the Chrysler ad during the Super Bowl.

In previous years, Eminem and Eastwood managed to raise a few goose bumps with impassioned monologues, and now it’s Dylan’s turn. We fancy him to top them both. If you want a preview, simply read the Bucket List in this week’s MT in a Dylan-esque voice.

According to Billboard, “Though Dylan has been perceived as elusive when it comes to licensing his music for film, TV and commercials, he’s been quite active over the past decade -- albeit unpredictable. His synch and endorsement activity has ranged from the surreal (his infamous 2004 Victoria’s Secret commercial) to reverent (his starring roles in a 2006 Apple ad and a 2007 spot for Chrysler rival Cadillac) to the straight-up bizarre (’s 2009 “Forever Young” mash-up for Pepsi.)”