Blues stylin'

Jan 19, 2000 at 12:00 am
Anybody who’s seen Bobby Murray’s live shows already knows the man can bring forth the blues fire on command. Of course, with a band as strong as the one he’s got backing him up -- Renell Gonsalves on drums, Tim Brockett on keyboards, Lonnie Motley on bass and Lenny Watkins on lead vocals -- it’s pretty hard to miss the mark.

Still, Waiting for Mr. Goodfingers is an apt title for this release. Bobby ranks right up there with the likes of Johnnie Bassett when it comes to delivering truly tasteful licks. Plus, as this CD so amply demonstrates, Murray has a strong command of more than one style of blues.

Known largely for his extensive work as Etta James’ guitar player -- 12 years so far -- Murray has also worked with numerous other big-name players. The benefit of that experience can be heard on the 10 selections heard here, seven of which are originals. What is particularly nice to see is Murray’s willingness to record several instrumental cuts, an approach that isn’t often taken with blues CDs these days.

But then, as the title says, this is about Waiting for Mr. Goodfingers.