Blowout X Thursday and Eons special show.

Mar 9, 2007 at 12:31 pm
Every Blowout has its discovery moments. Those are the instances when you arrive early for the set of a band you want to see, only to catch a bit of a group you might not have heard of and be blown away. This isn’t exactly what happened with Eons at Knights of Columbus Hall last night. hotly tipped their set in our Blowout X coverage, after all. But it was so great to see them be as wonderful as we said they’d be. If Blowout has its discovery moments, it has its satisfaction ones, too. The satisfaction of beaming and saying “See? I told you they’d be awesome!” before smashing your plastic cups of Molson together in slow-motion. But there’s the greater satisfaction of standing in a room and hearing a great set of music, all the way through. Sometimes I feel like that happens less and less.

Speaking of Eons, check it out: If you missed Eons at KOC Thursday, you can see them TONIGHT (Friday) at 12:45 a.m., playing a special, just-announced encore set at The Belmont. American Mars had been booked into the slot, but AM guitarist Dave Feeny burned his hand a few nights ago, forcing the cancellation of the band’s show. (We hear Dave’s okay, which is good news, too.)

Other highlights from last night, spent shuttling back and forth between the KOC’s main hall and the nooks and crannies of its lounge, which with its flagstone fireplace and timber edging looked like the “ski lodge shoot” from that yellowed copy of Duke that I pawed through at the Rock ‘n’ Rummage table in the hall:

—Eons playing a perfect set of damaged pop songs. I feel like they remind me of Spoon sometimes, but then I just go “who cares who they remind me of. If these songs crept onto the Internet tomorrow, the blog dorks would shit themselves.”

—The Drinking Problem sounding tighter and better than I’ve ever heard them. Well, until one of the speakers blew out, and the gold standard harmonies of Dave Lawson and Eddie Baranek started sounding more like a pained squawk. No matter, though: even with the mild technical difficulty, they still sounded great. The DP can’t be called a side band anymore. (Even though it technically still is.)

—Youth Group of Rome pulling out tiny pianos, plastic jeejaws, and push-button toy guitars to play a funny little set of, what? Children’s music? Not really. But Augie (he of the Hard Lessons) and Maria (she of the Decks) managed to waylay the twee enough to make their YGR stuff sweet and fun, but not too sweet and fun. You know?

—The Muldoons’ stage moves. Those kids had the grownups eating out of their hands. Who wouldn’t love a fifth grader pulling out Townshend pinwheels and Iggy moves on the mic stand?

See you tonight. Spread the word about Eons at Belmont.