Blowout Night Two at the Polish National Alliance Hall

Mar 2, 2012 at 5:41 pm
It seems that the Polish National Alliance Hall was the place to be last night, judging from my fellow MT bloggers and yesterday’s considerably large crowd.


I arrived at the PNA in time to catch the last bit of Mumble, who played surprisingly sweet indie-pop rock.


Bars of Gold had a few (unnoticeable) technical issues. At one point Vocalist Marc Paffi said playfully into the mic: “that was a mess, thanks for clapping. Nick Jones (Bars of Gold bassist) really fucked that thing up.” However, they still brought energy to the crowd, Paffi bellowed his lyrics into the microphone, he carried the stand around the stage. Paffi stretched his microphone cord to capacity when he walked off-stage and joined the audience during a song, where he did a sort of dance jig. Overall, they played well.


Child Bite, always fun to see live, sounded their best. They played a handful of songs off of their upcoming album Monomania, out later this month. Frontman Shawn Knight amused the audience while he named songs as he went along. “This one is called vapor

.yeah, this one is going to be called vapor and the orphan

hope you can relate,” Knight said sarcastically. He decidedly “named” one of their new songs piss, after informing the crowd that he doesn’t have any song with the word piss in it yet, and he just got a new puppy. The freak-out elements were all there, although no wild stage antics were seen this time.


Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor sucked me back into the ‘60s with their psychedelic sounds and trippy visuals. I believe they tire of hearing they’re reminiscent of The Doors, but they’re reminiscent of The Doors. In fact, singer and guitarist Sean Morrow bore a resemblance to Doors singer Jim Morrison. However, there is more to it than that. The bands sound is “warm and organic, a cosmic musical journey”.


The night ended with a highly anticipated performance from hip-hop artist Danny Brown, fresh off of his Conan O’ Brien appearance. He was full of attitude and witty rhymes. There is no doubt that he knows how to draw in a crowd.


Also headlining in the PNA lounge was House Phone, my personal favorite of the night. Singer James Linck’s voice was soulful and sexy. Pianist Taylor Pierson played funky ballads, Guitarist Matt Callaway strummed jazzy riffs, Jeff Cuny rocked the bass, and Drummer Steve Boegehold held the group together. A good chunk of the crowd grooved to a sexy slow dance, and many sang along with their lyrics. The group was accompanied by three delightful backup singers, intensifying the experience.