Blowout in the Library

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Greetings Blowouters... I'm writing to you from inside the Ferndale Public Library where your humble blogger works for his proverbial day-job.

This is the Library's second consecutive year participating as a host venue for the Metro Times Blowout. It seems like a novelty, I'm sure...but really, in a town like Ferndale, given its active population of enthusiastic and eclectic artists, of course we would wind up being the rock n' roll library... The Library hosts monthly concerts, actually. But that's another story.

This is our 2nd Blowout - Blowout XVII - and psych-folk trio Remnose kicked things off.

Hazy, hummy vocals waft over a traipsing bass rhythm while the reverb-wrung guitars vary between a growl and a purr, an autumnal breeze and a brief summer spat of heat-lightning, rising, willowy without the imposing punch of a drum kit and flutte

ring out to warm the room.

After Remnose, we switch gears with a more propulsive, rock-oriented act, with power-pop trio Mod Orange turning it up a bit louder here in the Library.

That's right. We know when to get loud in the library - we're happy to be participating as a venue... Because hopefully we're starting to be seen as apart of this scene. We certainly support it - just visit our CD section - we have hundreds of albums ALL from local/Michigan artists.

Anyhow... There's venues featuring 3-bands a piece scattered across not just Ferndale, but Hamtramck and Detroit. So, hopefully you're getting around safely and seeing some of the bands you'd hoped to see along with some eureka-moment discoveries with bands whom you'd never heard before...

Sure, it sounds weird. Live, loud rock music inside a library. But once you get here... once you get into any of the other various makeshift venues, you'll find that it's all about a spirit; just supporting local music, really. (That's something this Library's all about! Plus, we're selling beer, if you're thirsty!)

Happy Blowout, everybody.

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